Breeze – “Também bate um coração!”

“Também bate um coração!” is a song originally performed and composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim – (January 25, 1927 – December 8, 1994) – a Brazilian songwriter, singer, composer, arranger, pianist and guitarist as well. He was a primary force behind the creation of the bossa nova style, and his songs have been performed by many singers and instrumentalists within Brazil and internationally.

Breeze is a Romanian bossa nova / jazz band, founded on June 18, 2011. The band members are Ioana Andreea Siia (vocals), Florin Siia (bass, babybass & vocals), Ovidiu Cristian “Chico” (drums), Alexandru Olteanu (piano) and Ciprian Pop (guitar).

Breeze can be described like an almost authentic Brazilian breeze , materialized by four passionate musicians and a sensual voice who somehow transpose the audience into a dream, into a much desired relaxation of these times when everyone is running after illusions.

Known as “the Brazilian music that seduced the world” , Bossa Nova has the great gift of transposing the audience in a unique and exciting atmosphere. That is the main purpose of this exotic bossa band, Breeze, to make their audience be surrounded by good vibrations, to let them go with the breeze of a unique transcendental music towards the perfection of our surrounding realities.

For further information about Breeze, their musical activities, concerts, news and contact, follow the band on Facebook, BreezeBossaNova and subscribe their YouTube channel, Breezetouch, to watch and listen to some more live bosa recordings brilliantly performed by Breeze.

In addition, “Também bate um coração!” by Breeze was the first song posted by Music Reloaded on August 2, 2015, when this Facebook page was created. Since then, hundreds of musical works written by my Facebook friends only who deal with music in a way or another, professional singers and amateurs, composers, music producers, deejays, songwriters, lyricists, remixers, musical arrangers, musicians and instrumentalists in bands, sons and daughters of lovely parents, have been successfully posted. Thus, this marvelous bossa song has been traveling around the world enchanting thousands and thousands of bossa lovers from all the six continents.


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