Ioana Sandu – “Ja, ja, ja” (2016)

“Ja, ja, ja” is an exhilarating song composed by Đorđe Novković with lyrics written by Faruk Buljubašić Fayo and recorded by the Croatian singer Danijela Martinović (former vocalist of the most popular band Magazin,1991-1996) for her 2001 album studio “Pleši Sa Mnom” released by Croatia Records for Croatia, Avalon Produkcija for Macedonia and Grand Production for Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Covering this song rearranged by Francisc Reiter, Ioana Sandu proves once again that her innate talent for music allows her to sing almost any musical genre. In addition, her choice to sing this song in its original language makes Ioana become a consummate artist, original, and a good preserver of Balkan spirit, a true ambassador of the beauty of vocal music throughout the world. With a classy stage presence and a rich and varied repertoire , with her gentle voice and her obvious will of sending emotions through her songs, Ioana Sandu, originated from Câmpina, a city in Prahova county, Romania, may be considered one of the best appearances in Romanian musical area, very close to her fans, to whom she owes her great success and her deepest desire is not to let them down ever.


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