Ioana Sandu – “Je t’aime” (2016)

“Je t’aime”, a French phrase meaning “I love you”, is Lara Fabian’s song which won the Most Popular Song Of the Year Félix Award of 1998 and included in her third studio album ‘Pure’(1996). The song is written by Rick Allison and Lara Fabian.
The song has been covered by a lot of singers and it is considered a tremendous test of vocals. Ioana Sandu’s cover, rearranged by Francisc Reiter, brings a touch of warmth to the fabulous performing of Lara Fabian’s song.
With a classy stage presence and a rich and varied repertoire , with her gentle voice and the deepest desire to send emotions through her songs, Ioana Sandu, originated from Câmpina, a city in Prahova county, Romania, may be called a true preserver of authentic pop music, being considered one of the best voices of music everywhere. Throughout her musical career she recorded numerous albums once she had met the composer and arranger Francis Reiter, and many of her songs and carols were part of many compilations along with other artists.


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