Grupo Alegria – “Che Che Ne Ne” (2014)

“Che Che Ne Ne” is a 2014 cumbia song recorded by the Argentinian cumbia group Alegria for their studio album ‘Iluminados’ released in the same year under the label of GarraRecords.
Grupo Alegria is a cumbia band from Santa Fe, Argentina, whose beginnings started in 1976 when Osvaldo Raggio decided to form a group of tropical music to persist in time even today that retains its unmistakable style with a track record of success. And he successfully succeeded. Since then a lot of talented musicians have been part of the group. Presently, Grupo Alegria means Osvaldo Raggio, Tito Frias, Norberto Chiky Raggio, Claudio Alarcon, Gustavo Sotelo, Horacio Gaitan, Gerardo Berberebichl, Diego Cainero and Pablo Aguirre. With more than 20 music albums in record, Grupo Alegria and their unmistakable style is one of the oldest groups around the world that did not make any compromise keeping the melody in all this time, conquering the hearts of several generations of cumbia lovers.
For further information about Grupo Alegria access their official website here:


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