Tasmin Archer – “Sleeping Satellite” (1992)

“Sleeping Satellite” was the debut single by the British singer-songwriter Tasmin Archer, released in 1992. The song peaked at number one in the UK Singles Chart, and was also an international hit. Archer’s song was successful throughout the world, notably hitting the top 5 in Sweden and Switzerland, #6 in France, and #14 in Australia.
Tasmin Archer, born 3 August 1963, is an English pop singer. Her first album, ‘Great Expectations’, spawned this hit, “Sleeping Satellite”, which was written by Archer and her co-writers in the late 1980s, but it was only when Archer got a record deal that the song saw the light of day. Four instruments were used in the recording of “Sleeping Satellite”, John Hughes and Robbie McIntosh provided the guitars in the song, and John Beck and Paul Wickens were keyboard players. The drummer was Graham Broadhead whilst Gary Maughan played Fairlight, a digital sampling synthesizer.


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