Team Cybergeist – “Make My Heart Bleed”

“Make My Heart Bleed” is a single recorded by the American alternative rock band Team Cybergeist for their 2014 album ‘The Other Side Of Fate’, available on Apple Store, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox Music, iHeartRadio, Sony Music Unlimited, Juke, Rhapsody, Target Music and other downloading websites. It is the second full-length release from Team Cybergeist featuring members of Stone Sour, Shinedown, Coal Chamber, Static-X, Stabbing Westward, 16volt, Dope and includes 14 songs among which “Make My Heart Bleed”, “Rip The Stitch” and a cover of The Supremes’ “Keep Me Hangin’ On”.

The song “Make My Heart Bleed” was written by Angel Bartolotta and Sally Debauchery-Bartolotta and mixed and mastered by Jason Schmidt at R.L.S Studio (Osprey, FL).

Team Cybergeist is an alternative / industrial rock band from Florida, USA. In the Fall of 2006, Angel Bartolotta (best known as the drummer for Dope, Genitorturers, PIG, Crossbreed, Switched) started a solo studio project, which would go on to grow into a full force collaborative band featuring over 100 different musicians from all over the globe: Team Cybergeist. Led by Angel, the roster of artists is an ever-growing family of talent and inspiration.

For recording the song “Make My Heart Bleed” the team consisted of Angel Bartolotta (digital percussion, loops, samples, synth, guitar, the clap), Sally Debauchery-Bartolotta (vocals, bass, the clap), Spyder Z Prime (guitar), Mark Carlson (additional programming) and Jason Schmidt (mixing & mastering). The video is directed by Angel Bartolotta & Sally Debauchery- Bartolotta and has Joe Dudash and Carla Pruitt as special guest stars.

For further information about Team Cybergeist access their official website  and follow their activity on their official Facebook page Team Cybergeist .

The physical CD, ‘The Other Side Of Fate’, is still available to be purchased here .


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