Veran Zorila – “My All”

“My All” is a song by American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey from her sixth studio album, ‘Butterfly’ (1997). The song was written and produced by Carey and Walter Afanasieff. Veran Zorila covered this song and the result turned to be a successful sax cover, loved by plenty of sax fans. This sax cover is included in his first best of charity album, “Din suflet pentru suflete / Smooth Jazz Sax”, available for free listening on YouTube here.

Veran Zorila is a young modish saxophonist from Bucharest, Romania. He plays the saxophone with passion which makes him distinguish himself as a true professional. His ability of playing sax and his innate talent for music allow him to play any musical genre ranging from jazz and pop to house or dance, folklore and classical music, everything. His music is a complex of states through which he juggles with the musical instrument as a real magician of sounds.

Veran Zorila has collaborated with Gheorghe Zamfir, Loredana Groza, Andreea Banica, Carmen Harra and many other big names of Romanian stage. Having a large and various repertoire, Veran has been invited to perform in a series of prodigious events and shows to delight the audience with his magical sax. In 2006 he was invited to the World Bank and to the Romanian Embassy in Washington. In 2016 he performed a concert in Paris for diaspora and also appeared on various TV shows.

His latest album, “The Magic Of Silence”, is a smooth jazz album including eleven tracks released on May 31, 2017, still available for downloading in iTunes format from Apple Store here, and digitally from Amazon here and cdbaby here. Through this album, Veran Zorila easily realizes a true musical surf amongst the different styles and rhythms of this genre, in an exploratory game of sounds and harmonies, with technical agility, grace and unforgettable passion.

Veran is also known as a member of DeLaFun band, a so-called ‘wedding band’ that plays on different occasions such as music events and private parties.

For further information about Veran Zorila, his new musical projects, concerts and personal contact, should you become a fan of his official Facebook page Veran Zorilă and check out his blog , and folow him on Instagram and Twitter. More smooth jazz tunes and video recordings from some of his live concerts are also available by subscribing his official YouTube channel here .


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