Anna Berezovsky – “Dragostea”

“Dragostea” (“Love”), is Anna Berezovsky’s debut single, a beautiful song written by Eugenia Andries-Carabut, released in August 2013 by Eva Production Studio. Following this smash hit, Anna recorded some new singles to enrich her own repertoire, new exhilarating dance songs written by the same Eugenia Andries-Carabut: “Umbra mea” (2014), “Iubirea mea e acolo undeva” (2016), her greatest love ballad entirely sung in Russian language, “Я люблю тебя малыш” (2016), “Солнышко” (“Sunshine”) (2017) and a latest version of her previously released “Umbra mea (New Version)” (2017).

Anna Berezovsky, originally from Chisinau, Moldova, an intelligent, mysterious, seductive, romantic, creative and very interesting young woman, is a beautiful and talented singer and Moldovan public figure. Anna caught attention to large Moldovan public and abroad with her special fine voice and her charismatic stage appearances. She started working as a singer in 2013 with her debut single “Dragostea” (“Love”), a song that captured attention of plenty of her fans thanks to its beautiful Moldovan lyrics and the message sent to the listeners that love is the most beautiful feeling indeed.

For further information about Anna Berezovsky, her photos, new musical projects, events that she attends and personal contact become a follower of her official Facebook page Anna Berezovsky Official . Her singles and videos are available by subscribing to Pavel Berezovsky’s, her manager, YouTube channel Pablo Dono .


2 thoughts on “Anna Berezovsky – “Dragostea”

  1. Reblogged this on Music Reloaded and commented:

    Dragostea constăin dorinta de a da ceea ce este al tău altuia si de a simti fericirea acestuia ca si cum ar fi a ta. Nu trebuie să existe o zi anume, desemnată de noi, oamenii, pentru a-ti declara iubirea. Această stare divină trebuie să ne insotească in toate clipele vietii noastre. Să iubesti inseamnă să trăiesti prin celălalt, să simti nevoia de a-i povesti, de a-i cere un sfat, de a-i dărui. Să iubesti inseamnă să te completezi prin celalalt. Tot ce-i frumos se iubește, tot ce se iubește e frumos. Dragostea nu are nevoie de cuvinte, ea vorbeste prin priviri si atitudini. Hai să ne bucurăm de iubire! Să iubim romaneste!!!


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