Nico Sapuppo – “The Impulses Of The Heart” (2011)

“The Impulses Of The Heart” is a smooth jazz song by Nico Sapuppo from his debut album “A Long Journey” released in mid autumn of 2011.
Nico Sapuppo, born on July 4, 1966 in Catania, Sicily, is an eclectic saxophonist, composer, author, arranger and collaborator of Academy of Sanremo, the Region of Sicily, whose long journey in the world of modern jazz sounds started at an early age and, with a powerful musical study in background, he decided to follow his passion for wind instruments choosing the saxophone. His first album “A Long Journey” in which Nico is presented as a composer, arranger, soloist and the leader of his quartet, reached the highest positions in radio networks worldwide. Named “one of the white saxophonists with a black sound”, Nico Sapuppo’s music is born from his technique of involving his passion and his sensibility in creating and performing jazz music, ranging from traditional jazz to modern jazz with smooth influences of blues, funk, and Mediterranean echoes.

Nico Sapuppo’s album “A Long Journey” is available for purchasing from Apple Store here:

Additional information about Nico Sapuppo can be found by accessing his official website here:


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