Ally – “Love Sick” (2015)

“Love Sick” is Ally’s debut single released on November 16, 2015, by Metropolitan Records, a record label established in 2014 by Deepside Deejays (Paduraru Silviu Marian & Alstani Victor Razvan aka Dave Pryce & Victor De La Pena). With more than 14 years of experience in music industry as producers, songwriters, remixers, they have worked with the most famous Romanian artists.
“Love Sick” is a song written by Andrei Ganea, Alina Dogaru, Deepside Deejays on lyrics signed by Alina Dogaru and musical arrangements done by Andrei Ganea, Radu Dumitriu and Relu Batog.
Alina Dogaru, born on February 9, 1986, in Dorohoiu, Botoșani County, Romania, established in Bucharest, is a new artist who makes her debut under her new stage name, Ally. Alina Dogaru is better known as a former contestant at the most popular TV talent-show “The Voice of Romania”. She gradually proved during the show, she’s a flexible singer with a wide vocal range approaching Pop-Rock, Disco-Funk and R&B songs.
Ally’s first single, “Love Sick”, is a mixture of pop and disco-funk song with a clear message that highlights our love addiction and emphasizes different contradictory moods that love brings with.

Ally’s first single, “Love Sick”, is available for downloading on iTunes format from Apple Store here:


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