Marina Voica – “Soarta mea” (2014)

“Soarta mea” (“My fate”) is a Latino song written by Marina Voica with musical arrangements by Marius Cristi Popa. Moreover, the song is also promoted by a video in which features Maia Morgenstern and Dorina Roman and some other actors from the Private Theatre Brasov. Marina Voica again demonstrates the same energy and lust for life that has accustomed her fans with along her musical career.
Marina Voica, born Marina Nicolskaia on September 3, 1936, in Ivanovo, USSR, is a Romanian pop-vocal-schlager singer with Russian origins. Although coming from the Soviet Union, after her launch in Romania in 1960 on TVR, Marina Voica immediately became very popular, soon becoming one of the most beloved singers of pop music who still enchants her fans with her old and new hits. She has recorded a large number of vinyl LPs, singlets, cassettes, CDs, every time enchanting the audience with something new, a variety of songs and musical genres from traditional Russian songs to rumba or Argentine cumbia.
Further information about Marina Voica can be found by accessing her official website here:

The song “Soarta mea” is included in Marina Voica’s best of album “Si afara ploua, ploua…..”, released under the label of Eurostar on November 8, 2016, available for purchasing here:


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