Inessa – “Fata Morgana”

“Fata Morgana” is a 2015 single recorded by the Russian artist Inessa. The song is written by Inna Sergeyeva (Inessa), with musical arrangements by Ivan Chernikov. “Fata Morgana” was awarded the ”Song of the Year 2015” by Music Reloaded fans. The video promoting the song is produced by Olga Bykovskaya and it has Elena and Artem Pankratov as special guests.
Inna Sergeyeva, professionally known as Inessa, is a singer, composer, songwriter and choreographer from Kubinka, a town not far from Moscow, Russia. She caught the attention of Russian audience and abroad through her powerful voice and her special stage appearances which highlight her innate talent for music. Having a specific and very powerful vocal timbre, Inessa is able to sing a variety of musical genres, ranging from jazz to pop or Russian classical songs. She has recently caught the attention to Mr. Vladimir Gershanov, President of  VG Music Label  and all her musical releases have been distributed on major digital stores such as Apple Store  and  Amazon  under his own label, VG Distribution Label, a label of searching for new talents.



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