DeLaFun – “Asta-i viata” (DJ Alex Cristescu Remix)

“Asta-i viata” (“That’s the life we do like!”) is an exhilarating song by DeLaFun, a composition of their own, which may be considered an anthem that represents DeLaFun best. The song has been remixed by DJ Alex Cristescu, a refreshing remix with good club beats, available for free downloading from SoundCloud here.

The original version of the song is available on DeLaFun’s official YouTube channel here. Do not hesitate to subscribe to be up to date with the most exciting Romanian party music uploaded on internet platforms ever!

DeLaFun is a charismatic Romanian band founded in 2002 whose repertoire is quite vast including pop, dance, rock, folk, latino, jazz, reggae, R&B, rock & roll, slow & blues, disco, house, almost every musical genre, thanks to the five charismatic and talented members that make up the band: Dan Sipoteanu (vocals), Ionut Neacsu (keyboards, vocals), Radu Ionut (vocals, guitar & cello), Veran Zorila (saxophone & clarinet) and Tony Moldovan (vocals, drums).

DeLaFun sing, play, dance and play again for the best entertainment you can ever get. They sing and play live at weddings, private parties, musical events, everywhere they are invited to provide an explosive atmosphere full of fun and cheerfulness.

For further information about DeLaFun, their new musical projects, events and booking contact, access their official website here: and follow their official Facebook page Delafun.


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