Katy Rain – “Iartă-mă” (2013)

“Iartă-mă” (“Forgive me”) is a single written by Andrei Tostogan and Calin Goia, mixed and mastered by Sergiu Musteata and recorded by Katy Rain under the label of Tostogan Music in 2013. Since spring of 2010, when the project “Katy Rain” (producer: Andrei Tostogan, manager: Liuba Perciun) was launched, Katy Rain released a number of successful singles being broadcast on national and international radio-stations. Her hits can be listened in Moldova, Romania, Sweden, CIS countries and worldwide.
As Katy Rain is a multilateral person, she is trying to combine different types of spheres: arts and real sciences. She studied violin and piano at “Valeriu Poleacov” Art School Chisinau, Moldova. Her inclination towards singing dates back to childhood. In addition to music, she likes painting and dancing. In 2009, she graduated the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Arts: music, USM.


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