Nikola Warda – “Ech Mała” (2016)

“Ech Mała” is a Polish hit by Maryla Rodowicz included in her 2009 re-edited edition of her studio album “Jest cudnie”, released by Sony BMG Poland the previous year. This accoustic version of the song is a live performance by Nikola Warda and the guitarist Marcin Gołda from Nikola’s concert held on May 20, 2016, in the Cooperative House of Culture “Kopernik” in her native town Legnica.
Nikola Warda, born on August 8, 1997, originally from Legnica, Silesia, Poland, is a beautiful talented singer and guitarist, known as a former contestant in “Bitwa Na Głosy” (Clash of the Choirs), a Polish light entertainment reality television series broadcast by TVP 2, “Mam Talent”, the Polish version of the Got Talent series, and “Szansa Na Sukces” (A Chance for Success), one of the first popular talent shows on Polish channel TVP2. Nikola started dealing with music at an early age and since then she has participated in many festivals where she achieved many successes. Besides singing, Nikola is studying the classical guitar at the Music School in Legnica. Nikola sees her future associated with the scene and she is very aware that much work is needed for it.


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