Amadeea Violin – “Sub pielea mea (Eroina)” (2016)

“Sub pielea mea (Eroina)”{“Under my skin (Heroine)”} is a violin cover of Carla`s Dreams’ 2016 hit, majestically performed by Amadeea Violin and her magical electric violin, music Carla`s Dreams.
Andreea Busuioc, professionally known as Amadeea Violin, originally from Giurgiu, is a popular violinist, currently in vogue in Romania. Through a nonconformist approach, Amedeea enjoys success after success. She is named the “sexy queen of violin” because of her extreme beauty. Dressed provocatively and completed by her violin, Amedeea is a diva of many clubs both in Romania and abroad. In her live performances in clubs she does not play known classical themes only, she prefers to put a personal imprint in her interpretive style. Thus, very modern pieces, mixed by DJs, to which she adds her own improvisations, combined with other musical styles such as jazz elements, classical, hip hop and even folklore, and it’s very successful.
Amadeea is also known from the semifinal of the TV contest show “Românii au talent”, season 3, in which she presented a show highly appreciated by the jury and the public.

Fur further information about Amadeea Violin, access her official website here:


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