Cristiana Radu – “Un gioni musat” (2015)

“Un gioni musat” (“A handsome young man”) is a beautiful Aromanian folk song written by Dani Peanci, arranged and mastered by Marian Hagiu and performed by Cristiana Radu during the festivities on the occasion of National Day of Aromanians on May 23, 2015.
The Aromanians are a Latin ethnic group native to the southern Balkans; traditionally living in northern and central Greece, southern Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, south-western Bulgaria and eastern Romania. The Aromanians speak the Aromanian language, a Latin-derived language similar to Romanian, which has many slightly varying dialects of its own.
Cristiana Radu, originally from Bucharest, Romania, finished high school and a college in Constanta, where she learned to speak Aromanian and spent some time enjoying herself at the most beautiful Machedonian birthday parties in her mother’s family. Thus, besides swing, jazz, latino, pop and dance, Cristiana carries forward the Aromanian folklore and traditions of this ethnic group because she believes her mission is to bestow the world a rainbow of emotions.


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