Rozalla & Allan Jay – “Breaking My Heart” (2016)

“Breaking My Heart” is an exhilarating summer pop-dance track with a strong beat and slightly euro feel written by Nalle Ashstalt and performed by Rozalla and Allan Jay, two distinctive voices who perfectly complete each other and the result is a blistering hot summer record, very catchy, which sounds like a massive hit, released on August 19, 2016, under the label of Energise Records.
Allan Jay, a dynamic Scottish vocalist, with a voice that easily moves from Pop to Musical, has been a constant feature in the world of dance charts for the past few years becoming one of the most successful new artists on the club scene, and his performances with his male dance troupe have made him be a rising star on the UK and European dance music scene. Winner of ‘Best Male Artist 2015’ in Music Reloaded Awards and a finalist for “Entertainer of the Year” at the Icon Awards 2015, Allan previously recorded vocals with Waterfall Productions in Norway and BBC UK, and then for the Disney Channel, and performed and toured with some major musical theatres from UK. Along with theatre he has been extensively working as a dancer and choreographer. Allan is now delighted to be working with Energise Records and Lynn PA Management and releasing music of good taste, his past 2 singles “I Go To Pieces” and “Boom Boom Boom – Let’s Go Back To My Room” reaching Top 10 in the Eurodance Hits Chart.
Rozalla Miller, better known as simply Rozalla, is a Zambian dance music performer. She is widely known for her 1991 hit “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”, followed it up with two major chart smashes “Faith (In The Power Of Love)” and another record that is recognised as a true club anthem “Are You Ready To Fly”. This is her first recording with Energise, and together with Allan Jay, they will be recording a full album for release in 2017. Allan and Rozalla kept meeting at festivals and events that they had both been booked to perform at. When the chance came to record a duet, they did not hesitate at all and here’s the result of their successful collaboration: “Breaking My Heart”, a stunning eurobeat song which will certainly reach the highest rank on dance music charts.

Rozalla & Allan Jay’s single “Breaking My Heart” is available for downloading from:

Apple Store:

CD copies at:


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