Wirelesound feat. Armando Pavone – “Play With Me” (2016)

“Play With Me” is a single with magical flavor that conveys emotions since the first listening, released by Wirelesound in 2016, under the label of Wi Music Records, partnership: Saifam Group.
Wirelesound is a brand new style. Their sound is a mix between the old and the new, the dance and the classic tune. Wirelesound means Sien Jay and Sydro aka Armando Pavone, an oneironaut as he called himself in front of the four judges at X-Factor Italy where he brilliantly performed this acoustic version amazing the public and judges as well. It can be said that it was an act of great bravery that Armando showed himself and performed his own composition in a talent contest of such a magnitude as X-Factor, but he was sure of himself and confident and the result was on his expectations. Among the praises and good impressions of the jury, Arisa declared “I closed my eyes and for a moment I thought there was here, on stage, an international artist.” And she was right. “Play With Me” has everything necessary to become an international hit and Armando definitely has the talent and charisma of an internationally recognized artist.

“Play With Me” is available for downloading from Apple Store here:
https://goo.gl/O314n6 .


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