Anna Berezovsky – “Umbra mea”

“Umbra mea” (“My Shadow”) is Anna Berezovsky’s second single, written by Eugenia Andries-Carabut, and recorded under the label of Eva Production Studio in March 2014.
Anna Berezovsky, a Moldovan singer and public figure, is an intelligent, mysterious, seductive, romantic, creative and very beautiful young woman, who caught attention to large Moldovan public and abroad, once she had recorded her debut single “Dragostea” (“Love”), a beautiful song written by the same Eugenia Andries-Carabut, released in August 2013. Since then, Anna has amazed her fans with new other musical releases remaining close to them as her greatest desire is to spread emotions and bring joy in every circumstances. This single is a dance song, full of energetic beats, which will certainly enjoy plenty of dance music lovers.


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