DeLaFun – “Am sa te prind, am sa te bat”

“Am sa te prind, am sa te bat” (“I’m gonna catch you, I’m gonna beat you”) is an entertaining song with modern beats, a modern version of an old folk song first performed by Faramita Lambru, a well-known gypsy fiddler from Romania, re-arranged in DeLaFun unmistakable style, released under the signature of DeMoga Music in earliest 2017.
DeLaFun is a charismatic Romanian band founded in 2002 with a vast repertoire that includes pop, dance, rock, folk, latino, jazz, reggae, R&B, rock & roll, slow & blues, disco, house, almost every musical genre, thanks to its five talented members that make up the band: Dan Sipoteanu (vocals), Ionut Neacsu (keyboards, vocals), Radu Ionut (vocals, guitar & cello), Veran Zorila (saxophone & clarinet) and Tony Moldovan (vocals, drums). They perform live at weddings, private parties, musical events, everywhere, and provide an explosive atmosphere full of fun and cheerfulness.

For further information about the band, access their official website here:


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