Ioana Sandu – “Speranţa”

“Speranţa” (“Hope”) is a gorgeous love song about deception, guilt and hope in finding a new love, composed by Francisc Reiter with Romanian lyrics majestically written by Ioana Sandu, recorded by the latter for her 2012 studio album “Visez fericirea” (“Dreaming at Happiness”), released under the label of Spiros.

Ioana Sandu, a very popular Romanian singer and lyricist, one of the best voices of present days, awarded “The Best Artist of the Year 2016” by Music Reloaded fans, is a true preserver of authentic old Romanian and international pop music. Throughout her musical career she recorded numerous albums once she had met the composer and arranger Francis Reiter who arranged, mixed, mastered and produced most of her musical albums.

Having a vast repertoire that includes hundreds of Romanian songs as well as covers of many international hits, Ioana Sandu has always been close to her fans whom she does not want to disappoint at all as the entire passion she puts into her recordings is dedicated to them and solely to them.

Originally from Cîmpina, a beautiful town in Prahova Valley, Ioana Sandu is also a Romanian language teacher at Traian High School in Bucharest, highly loved and esteemed by her students. Stylish and ambitious, Ioana Sandu is a psychologist with obvious empathic abilities, a good educational program coordinator as a television and radio programmaker, and she is also a welcome hostess in live TV and radio shows.

Ioana Sandu is widely known as the one who re-launched and brought back to the audience a great musician who risked being forgotten despite his extraordinary past. It’s about Constantin Drăghici, whom she dedicated her album ”La jumătatea vieții” (Eurostar 2014) which includes remixes of some of his old hits. 

For further information about Ioana Sandu, her musical activity, events and personal contact, will you please access her official website , follow her official Facebook page Ioana Sandu and Ioana Sandu – International Fanpage  and for booking in a private event.

More songs and videos performed by Ioana Sandu are also available by subscribing Francisc Reiter’s official YouTube channel here  and follow him on SoundCloud here . Enjoy ’em!



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