Lourdes Pastor – “Dalí”

“Dalí” is a beautiful flamenco-fusion song taken from Lourdes Pastor’s second studio album “¿A quién le cantaré yo?”, released in mid October 2015 under the label of The Borderline Music, available to purchase from Apple Store here: https://goo.gl/dG7zC3
“¿A quién le cantaré yo?” (2015) as well as her previous flamenco-fusion album “La mitad de la verdad” (2011) clearly demonstrates the passion of the young Spanish singer for traditional flamenco music, her desire to convey a clear and concise message through her music, opening a new door to flamenco lovers so as to discover how addictive this musical genre can be.
Lourdes Pastor Martínez, originally from Córdoba, Spain, is a Spanish sociologist, feminist, defender of the rights of women but also a singer and a lover of art who easily captivates the audience into her wonderful world, a world of flamenco, the world of beautiful art, music and dancing.


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