Ross Alexander – “Brand New Lover”

“Brand New Lover” is a song recorded by the British band Dead or Alive for their third album, ‘Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know’ on Epic Records and it achieved international success when released as a single in 1986.
The song was covered by Ross Alexander with new musical arrangements and backing vocals by Jo Jo Savage and Alan Connor, released as a single on March 8, 2015, under his own label Pumpin’ Uk Media, mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music.
Ross Alexander is internationally known as a DJ and a record producer. He has produced and remixed tracks for many artists for the last 25 years under his own name and the production names Boyz With Toyz and Northernbeat. But the year 2015 returned him to the studio as a vocalist this time when he released his own version of the Dead Or Alive hit “Brand New Lover”, then followed by his second single “Kiss Me”, an excellent cover of the 80’s no.1 Stephen Duffy hit, released in March 2016 and a brilliant collaboration with Zoe Fuller, “Obsession”, released on October 31, 2016. Originally from Kirkcaldy, a town and former royal burgh in Fife, on the east coast of Scotland, Ross Alexander is a veritable classy entertainer who distinguishes himself by his scenic charm and the great number of his tasty musical performances.

“Brand New Lover”, Ross Alexander’s Dead Or Alive cover, is available for purchasing from:

Apple Store:

Ross Alexander’s singles and remixes are available for downloading on iTunes formats here: or for digital downloading on Amazon here: and from cdbaby here:

For more songs and videos, subscribe Pumpin’ UK Media official YouTube channel here:


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