US Bruto feat. Adair Cardoso – “Eu tô ficando louco” 

“Eu tô ficando louco” (“I’m going crazy”) is a single and video by the Brazilian band US Bruto featuring Adair Cardoso, a successful young instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, released in late summer 2016, a production of Engenharia de Idéias.
US Bruto is a charismatic country music band from Divinópolis, a city located in the centre-west of Minas Gerais state, Brazil, and their music with influences from US country music is very catchy and fashionable, bringing a new musical style to Latino music lovers, “M.O.D.A. Sertaneja”. US Bruto means Clayton Silva (vocals, guitar), Flávio Morteiro (guitar, viola), Fernando Bueno (bass) and Maurinho Pereira (drums), four young and talented ‘brasileiros’ with initiative, whose passion for music brought them together and started this new musical project. For recording this single, Adair Cardoso, a modish Brazilian artist of young generation, has been invited as a special guest, what makes this song become a hit.

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