Marco Biasetti – “Che m’importa del mondo”

“Che m’importa del mondo” is a song written in 1963 by Franco Migliacci and Sergio Bardotti, the main theme of the film “La noia” (1964) and sung by Rita Pavone.
Quadri D’Autore is a jazz project born in 2012 from an idea of Marco Biasetti (voice) and the support of fellow musicians: Paul Garbin (piano), Marco Vavassori (bass) and Enrico Smiderle (drums). “Che m’importa del mondo” is included in Marco Biasetti’s “Quadri d’Autore” studio album, released at the end of September 2016, available for downloading from Apple Store here: and for digital downloading from Amazon here:
Apart from Quadri D’Autore, Marco Biasetti also launched some other several musical projects with other musicians: InContra Project, Stage Mood (5tet, 4tet, 3io) and Overtones (5tet, 4tet, 3io) in parallel with his solo career.
Marco Biasetti is a complete artist from Mantua, Italy, who studied piano and piano technique, bassoon and trombone; he also studied singing and vocal technique as a graduate of “Conservatorio A. Buzzolla” Adria, where he attended Jazz Singing subsequently becoming a master in vocal technique and scat and improvisation with Elisabetta Antonini, Mary Neckam, Bob Stoloff and Elisabeth Howard.
Marco also recorded two studio albums as a writer and musician, ‘Sandsun’, a lounge & chillout album released in 2009 and ‘Red Ink’ (thedeeplagoon) in 2012.


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