Violeta Rosen – “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”

“Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” is a song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. It was recorded by Elton John and released in 1976, both as a single and as part of the ‘Blue Moves’ album. The song is a mournful ballad about a romantic relationship which is falling apart. Here’s a touchy version of the song recorded by Violeta Rosen from one of her 2013 live performances, accompanied by Leonid Detzelman (keyboards), Doron McKeithen (bass), Yevgeni Malginov (sax) and Yonatan Dvorin (drums), which generously captures the audience with its jazz melodic line, proving the singer’s vocal ability to perform any kind of musical genre, ranging from dance to classic jazz.
Violeta Rosen, born on October 13, 1970, is an Israeli singer, conductor, professional voiceover, narrator and owner of “Violeta Rosen – Aesthetics and Beauty” from Kiryat Ono, a city in the Tel Aviv District of Israel. She studied conducting and music theory at Rubin Academy for Music and Dance, a school for the music and the performing arts in Jerusalem, Israel, becoming an international performing vocal artist, whose repertoire includes a wide range of musical genres due to her innate talent for singing. It can be said that her great gift is to beautify both outside and inside the human soul, to bring the art of beauty close to perfection. is the link for “Violeta Rosen – Aesthetics and Beauty” official website. Check it out!


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