Elena Chirică – “Floare dragă”

“Floare dragă” (“Cute flower”) is a beautiful folk song belonging to Dobrogean traditional folklore, professionally recorded by Elena Chirică for her 2013 studio album “Cântec de la Marea Neagră” (”Songs from the Black Sea”).
Elena Chirică is one of the most beloved Romanian folk singers from the Black Sea shore who has proved a truly professionalism as a preserver of pure folk traditions from Dobrogea, a true ambassador of beautiful Dobrogean customs and traditional folklore. Distinguished by her delicate and sensitive voice, Elena Chirică always comes in front of the public with new songs from her native place, which makes her be adored by folks belonging to all regions of Romania, by all lovers of authentic Romanian folk songs. Her interpretive talent of singing traditional Dobrogean folk songs makes Elena Chirică be included among the most prominent performers of folk songs worldwide as well as a carrier of the legacy of a nation over time and throughout the world.

More beautiful folk songs by Elena Chirică are available by subscribing her YouTube channel here: https://goo.gl/8h54J0


One thought on “Elena Chirică – “Floare dragă”

  1. Eu o sustin pe Elena Chirica , o prezenta scenica agreabila ,o voce foarte buna care te binedispune si i ti alina orice stare ! E un om minunat si un artist desavarsit.


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