Brian Wesner – “Set Yourself On Fire”

“Set Yourself On Fire” is an exhilarating song composed and performed by Brian Wesner with lyrics written by Anthony Wesner, a genuine invitation to dance that really moves your heart, your soul and, of course, your feet. The song was released before uploading it on the internet distributors so as to be spread to the listeners worldwide.
Brian Wesner is a Canadian singer, songwriter and a passionate music lover who grew up in a musical environment while listening to his father’s big band orchestra. This led him to the beautiful world of musical notes as his best desire has always been songwriting. His songs range from blues to hard rock, from country to jazz, and his love ballads are extremely touchy as his songs reflect a lifetime of crafting a talent that rises above the ordinary.

Brian Wesner’s previous studio albums, “City’s and Bays”, “Baby Back Down” and “Blue Rainbow” are available for purchasing from:

Apple Store:

as well as from his official website

More songs written and performed by Brian are available by subscribing his official YouTube channel here:


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