Kriss Carter & Adeline – “Move Your Body”

“Move Your Body” is a 2014 dance single by Kriss Carter and Adeline, a song full of sensuality and energy, promoted by an engaging video directed by Angel Ramos.
Kriss Carter, born on February 16, 1985, in Paris, was not destined for a musical career. It was while working in communication for an independent artist when his desire for singing started. It was in 2009 when he began his epic journey with the group “Karéon” on vocals and guitar as an author, composer and performer. Songs like “Moi non plus”, sung before more than 10,000 people in Montpellier and “Et on crie” at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, enabled him to engage in a solo career under the stage name of Kriss Carter. And so was announced the release of a 5-track EP “Un monde meilleur” in September 2014.
It was not first Kriss Carter’s collaboration with Adeline, they previously released two more successful dance hits: “Gimme More Tonight” and “You Drive Me Crazy”. It was in 2011 when Kriss met the beautiful Adeline while he was looking for a female voice to the chorus of “You Drive Me Crazy”. As a result, two duo electro-dance hits were aired on several radio stations and played in clubs so as to beat the speakers up for the next couple of years. .

The single “Move Your Body” by Kriss Carter & Adeline is available for purchasing here:
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More information about Kriss Carter is possible by accessing his website here:

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