Alexandru Jula – “Prezent!”

“Prezent!” (“Present!”) is an exhilarating song composed by Paul Dumitrescu with Romanian lyrics signed by Carmen Aldea Vlad, recorded by Alexandru Jula in early January of 2017. Alexandru Jula, a forever young star, ageless, has always proved both in life and on stage, the same overflowing exuberance and optimism.
Alexandru Jula, born on July 24, 1934, in Simleu Silvaniei, Romania, is a very popular singer of romantic pop music, recently nicknamed “the last romantic” by Oana Georgescu in her biographical book about the artist. He debuted in1962 in television and his name is usually associated with his cover song “Soţia prietenului meu” (“My friend’s wife” / original „La femme de mon ami” by Enrico Macias) recorded in 1968, a record sale for that year in communist Romania. Over time he has participated in national and international festivals and won several awards. After 2000 Alexandru Jula became the host of the TV show “Jula and Friends” aired on by TV Galati, where he invites prominent guests from the world of pop and folk music from Romania.

More old and new songs by Alexandru Jula are available by subscribing his Youtube channel here:


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