Raslan – “3osha El Naby” / يا عشاق النبى

“3osha El Naby” ( يا عشاق النبى)(“Oh Lovers of the Prophet”) is a 2016 song composed by Mohamed Rahim with Arabic lyrics by Mohamed Gomma, arranged by Kajo at Session studio and recorded by Raslan under the label of Music Day. The song is promoted by a video directed by Mohamed Abd ElGawad, featuring the beautiful actress Suzanna, a DIVA Productions release.
Mohamed Raslan, known simply as Raslan, born on January 19, 1989, originally from Suez, Egypt, is an Egyptian singer and recording artist. Unlike other modern singers in the Arab world, Mohamed Raslan performs songs with religious tint proving that the gift he received from Deity, a voice full of warmth, calm and gentle, has the power to conquer the audience from his first verse and his first musical notes because his innate talent for music and the profound message of the lyrics of his songs delight any earthling whose desire is to be as close to heaven.

For further information about Raslan, access his official Facebook page here.


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