Lary Chary – “Olee Uganda”

Larry Tumusiime, known by his stage name Lary Chary, has released a song that celebrates Uganda’s independence and the many positive attributes that his country has. He composed a song challenging the belief that all that matters is love. “Olee Uganda” is a song dedicated to all Ugandans who have done something to contribute to their country’s development. Larry composed, produced and mastered this beautiful song which fuses together different languages spoken in Uganda. Larry is convinced that his song will reach the heart of each Ugandan, the heart of each person who truly loves his country, because it is a song everyone can identify with, no matter what corner of the world he is from. His song is flawless and carries with it the delightful, melodic Ugandan beats. It is promoted by an unadulterated video that depicts and mirrors Uganda with the joyful, indigenous instrumentation and the pictorial in it. Indeed it does not only prove that the country is the “pearl of Africa”, but also raises one’s patriotism.

Lary Chary is a young Ugandan recording artist, songwriter and music producer. His music is cool, unique, melodious and extremely dancing.

For further information about Lary Chary, his new musical projects, events and contact, follow his official Facebook page Lary Chary Fans Page and his Twitter account @Lary_chary. You can also become his fan on ReverbNation to listen to his songs here.


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