Tony Moldovan – “Bensonhurst Blues”

The song “Bensonhurst Blues” was written by Artie Kaplan and Artie Kornfeld and was originally released in 1972 on Hopi Records on an album titled ‘Confessions Of A Male Chauvinist Pig’ featuring Artie Kaplan. Oscar Benton’s recording was released after the Kaplan version in 1973 and eight years later on the soundtrack of the film ‘Pour la peau d’un flic’, which features Alain Delon. The Oscar Benton version of “Bensonhurst Blues” was then released on EMI Records and enjoyed much success in Europe. The Benton version also appears in the 1999 film “La Bûche”.

The song has been covered by a lot of popular artists including Adriano Celentano, Margareta Pâslaru, Dimitri Tambossis and, in August of 2013, it was recorded by Tony Moldovan, who gave the song a part of his own personality. His cover was recorded, mixed and mastered at RS studio.

Tony Moldovan, is currently known as the drummer and vocal for the band DeLaFun, a ‘wedding band’ that plays on different occasions such as music events and private parties.

As a solo performer, Tony has covered some famous jazz and pop hits, available to watch and listen by subscribing his YouTube channel here .

Tony Moldovan is one of the best percussionists ever and has a great voice indeed. He performed in the largest and most luxurious world’s night clubs such as ”Pacha” – Ibiza & New York, ”Titos” – Palma de Majorca, he was the drummer for Kool & The Gang and also participated in various pop and jazz music festivals both in Romania and abroad.


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