Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu – “Don’t Lie”

“Don’t Lie” is a powerful love ballad written and produced by Dan Vozniuc with English lyrics by Rodica Olisevschi, performed by Vio Grecu (vocal), Dan Vozniuc (guitar) and Olgutza Simionovna (backing vocal), qualified among the eight to go to the national final of Eurovision Moldova 2017, which was held on February 25, when it ranked 7 according to the public votes.
Dan Vozniuc and Viorel Grecu are ambitious, energetic and full of hope, and tend to go farther and promote this beautiful song. Dan Vozniuc also participated in Eurovision Moldova the year before with his musical project, Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy – “Game L’Over” which passed into the final and reached a satisfactory position. When he met Viorel Grecu at the previous preselection for Eurovision Moldova, they became friends. Dan had an idea for a song that was not particularly for Eurovision, and needed a very good voice for it and he thought to appeal to Viorel. And here’s the result: a powerful love ballad, “Don’t Lie”.
Vio Grecu is a young and talented singer from Chisinau, Moldova, whose passion for singing makes him turn his hobby for music into a job. This musical project highlights the innate talent of the young performer and proves at the same time that he deserves to be placed among the best voices from Moldova and not only.
Olgutza Simionovna is known as the female voice of the rock band Right Sight, a former musical project by Dan Vozniuc and the backing vocal for the previous “Game L’Over” song. Her sensual voice brings a touch of warmth to this powerful ballad that makes this song be one of the best musical compositions ever written by Dan Vozniuc.
This video is taken from the morning TV show УТРО НА СТС (MORNING AT STS).


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