Stephan – “Someone (Like You)”

“Someone (Like You)” is a sensitive love song written by Alexandru Rosu and Raluca Iurascu, arranged by Alin Radu, mixed & mastered by Bunicu’ Magic, and produced by Rush Records, a professional music production studio founded in 2016 by Alexandru Rosu himself. The song is also promoted by a nice video directed by Iulian Monea, released in late January 2017 for Sprint Music.

In addition, the song was registered in the preselection for Eurovision Romania 2017 as Alexandru, an Eurovision fan since childhood, thought it was the greatest opportunity for him to make his debut on the musical stage both as a composer and a performer and in live auditions he really proved that his song got closer to the hearts of large public and Eurovision fans thought his song was not selected by the jury to entry among the 12 ones qualified for the semifinal. In spite of that, “Someone (Like You)” was well-received by thousands of Music Reloaded fans and facebookers all over the world.

“Someone (Like You)” is a song about “her” and for “her”, composed in a significant moment in his life, when one feels like nothing matters except the love that one lives.

Stephan aka. Alexandru Rosu is a Romanian music producer, singer and songwriter from Bucharest, also the founder and owner of Rush Records, whose passion for music makes him focus all his attention on music because he really feels like this is what he wants to do from now on. Former rugby player, Stephan considers passion, talent and hard work, the three indispensable elements of success, to be his underlying principles.

Becoming a follower of Stephan’s Facebook page , you can be up to date with his new musical releases, projects and events.


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