Gadara Rock Band – “Point Of View”

“Point Of View” is a single from the fourth studio album “At Number 4” released in June 2015 by the Italian rock band Gadara, under the label of Nerocromo Music. The album features 9 melodic Hard Rock songs with catchy power ballads and it is still available for downloading from Apple Store here and Amazon here .

Gadara Rock Band is a five member rock band that make it successful their songs in perfect balance between hard rock and melodic rock, full of guitars and big steps in perfect combination between modernity and the 80s. The band appears cohesive and mature into its components, and is at times really brilliant songwriting, leading to trace every level, strong catchy and easy to remember since the early plays, total all inspired and often far from the usual clichés of gender. The band consists of Daniele Bertoli (lead vocals), Emanuele Malini (guitars and backing vocals), Francesco Piccoli (guitars and backing vocals), Luca Tessarini (drums and backing vocals) and Mattia Ghirotti (bass). Founded in 1996 in Verona, Italy, along its evolution as a hard rock band, Gadara recorded four studio albums: “Stanne Fuori” (2000), “Verità e Amnesia” (2004), “Viaggiatori Senza Tempo” (2009) and “At Number 4” (2014).

For further information about the Italian rock band Gadara, their new musical projects, concerts and direct contact, access their official website and their MySpace account GADARA , or join the Facebook public group GADARA ROCK BAND .


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