Rozalla feat. David Anthony – “Everybody’s Free”

Rozalla is back with her biggest hit! “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)” is a song by Zambian-born Zimbabwean singer Rozalla, released in September 1991 as the second single from her album “Everybody’s Free”. The single first charted in the United Kingdom in 1991, peaking at number 6. The success soon crossed over to the rest of Europe, USA and then, worldwide. The catchy, cathartic rave anthem that managed to cross over to the Top 40 pop charts, was re-produced by chart producer David Anthony and ‘Everybody’s Free 2013’ was re-born. The track has been licensed all over the world to a number of international territories both in Europe, Asia, and the US and South Africa and independent labels and majors are all fighting for territories. There has never been such a stir. The video which promotes this new version, was shot in Ibiza in May 2013 and was screened for the Cafe Mambos Opening Party of the season with Jonathan Digweed headlining the night. 2013 looked like it was set to be a great year for Rozalla and since then, everybody else has been free to feel good again!

‘Everybody’s Free 2013’, Radio Edit as well as other exhilarating remixes, are available for downloading from major musical distributors such as:
Apple Store: &
Google Play Store:
or from Rozalla’s official website here:


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