Мар’яна Бобочка – “Ти не світло”

“Ти не світло” (“Ty ne svitlo” / “You don’t shine anymore”) is a sensitive love ballad written by Maryana Bobochka, both music and lyrics, recorded as her first single in mid February 2017. The song is indeed the story of her love transposed on musical notes, accompanied by a magnificent piano line that gives splendor to the song.
Maryana Bobochka is a young Ukrainian singer, songwriter and author of poetry and prose whose love for music makes her weave writing with singing into something melodious, harmonious, divine… Maryana has participated in several small scale competitions before and now she has decided it is the perfect time to tell the world the story of her love, the story of her passion for music, her desire of being heard.

For further information about Maryana, follow her on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarjanaBobochka
YouTube: https://goo.gl/vTlKXQ


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