Rolfiek feat. Nicola – “I Am Here For You” (Original Mix)

“I Am Here For You” is a massive vocal trance mix produced by Rolfiek featuring Nicola under the label of TFB Records in late summer of 2016, An EP including 6 remixes is to be released at the end of March 2017, already available to pre-order on Apple Store and Amazon.

The Original Mix of the single “I Am Here For You” by Rolfiek feat. Nicola is still available for digital download from Apple Store, Amazon, Beatport and many other major digital platforms.

This original mix is presented in the characteristic uplifting way, with the exact amount of energy within its baseline and a special vaporous atmosphere which progresses slowly in order to support the intense vocal that starts right after the first minute. Nicola’s vocal, a heavy angelical presence, makes it match perfectly with the atmosphere, creating an awesome amount of magic in which her vocal gets its whole version and all its magic is released once with its mystical soul.

Nicola, best known for representing Romania at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest Riga, Latvia, placing 10th with the song “Don’t Break My Heart”, composed by Mihai Alexandru with English lyrics written by herself, is a Romanian singer and songwriter who started her solo career in 1992 and played an important part in the re-emerging Romanian music market launching several hits which still dominate the Romanian radios. Winner of many prizes and awards, Nicola reached higher levels of performance. She began to be broadcast worldwide and to be requested in live shows in different countries both from the old continent and overseas.

For further information about Nicola, the events she attends, concerts, her new musical projects and direct contact, follow her official Facebook page NICOLA and her Twitter account @nicola_artist

Rolfiek is an uplifting trance producer from the Netherlands, who already launched many of his releases with labels like Beyond the Stars Recording, Sensual Bliss Recordings, AlYf Recordings, TFB Records or MPS (Mike Push). His emotional uplifting trance tunes are available for digital download on major digital distributors such as SoundCloud, Beatport, Amazon or iTune formats on Apple Store.



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