Ioana Sandu – “Să mă ierți”

“Să mă ierți” (“Forgive me”) is a beautiful love ballad composed by Francisc Reiter with Romanian lyrics written by Ioana Sandu, recorded by the latter for her 2011 studio album “Nu știi cât mă iubești”(“You don’t know how much you love me”) released under the label of Eurostar.
Ioana Sandu, the most favorite artist of Music Reloaded page, one of the best voices of present days, distinguishes herself by her classy stage presence and her rich and varied repertoire, proving once again that her place among the most idolized artists is due to her voice sensitivity and her deepest desire to send emotions through her songs.
A very popular Romanian singer and lyricist, Ioana Sandu, awarded “The Best Artist of the Year 2016” by Music Reloaded fans according to thousands of facebookers’ reactions to this song, is also widely known as a true preserver of authentic old Romanian and international pop music. Throughout her musical career she recorded numerous albums once she had met the composer and arranger Francis Reiter who arranged, mixed, mastered and produced most of her musical albums. With a vast repertoire that includes hundreds of Romanian songs as well as covers of many popular international hits, Ioana Sandu has always been close to her fans whom she does not want to disappoint at all as all the passion she puts into her recordings is dedicated to them and solely to them.

For further information about Ioana Sandu, her songs, events and contact, will you please access her official website here: or follow the links below:
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