Tarek Hamouda – “El Henna”

“El Henna” is a song from Egyptian folklore performed by Tarek Hamouda and his Rock electric guitar. This electric guitar version brings a modern flair to the tune which impresses the listener through the emotions transmitted by his guitar sounds.
The word “henna” refers to the artful ceremonial drawings done on the bride`s body during the celebratory henna night prior to the wedding. This beautiful tradition still lives until our modern days.
Tarek Hamouda is an Egyptian licentiate guitar performer who acquired the Diploma of musical knowledge from Trinity College, London. Coming from a family with musical background and having a violinist and music professor father led him to learn the violin and the basics of western music at a very young age. He later turned to learning classic guitar then studying modern music like jazz and rock. He joined several pop bands in Egypt and gave many performances in Cairo Opera House. His list of work includes music arranging and playing theme songs and soundtracks for movies and songs with famous composers and singers.
Tarek Hamouda is currently interested in eastern folklore music in general, and egyptian in particular, with a universal approach and presenting them with a modern touch.

Follow Tarek Hamouda on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tarekguitarist/
YouTube: https://goo.gl/Bv4bdk


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