Raluca Ocneanu – “Sharaiman”

“Sharaiman” is an old Romanian folk song made popular by Romica Puceanu during the 60s and recorded on her debut album in 1964, accompanied by the band of Gore brothers.
Raluca Ocneanu’s cover of the song, newly rearranged with modern sounds by Mihaita Dumitru Fatu, mastered and processed by Alin Marius Radu, almost equals the original version because of the singer’s musical talent and ability to sing any musical genre from pop to folk music. This modern version was recorded for Raluka Ocneanu’s 2014 studio album “Balkanian Party”, released under the label of Italian Way Music, still available on iTunes format here: https://goo.gl/j9sktK
Raluca Ocneanu, originally from Ploiesti, Romania, is one of the most popular artists belonging to Romanian young generation of singers who distinguishes herself through her innate talent for singing any kind of musical genre as if music has been specially composed for her wonderful voice. At weekends, Raluca Ocneanu can be heard live at Cocosu Rosu Restaurant, Bucharest, where goodwill and tasty food is their “home”: http://cocosurosu.ro/
Additional information about Raluca Ocneanu is available by accessing her official website here: http://www.ralucaocneanu.com/ or subscribe her official YouTube channel for more lovely songs and videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/RalucaOcneanu2/


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