The Department – ”As If Transformed”

”As If Transformed” is an exhilarating single by The Department, a powerful new synthwave band, included in their debut studio album “Alpha”, released under the label of Hard Cell Records in late March 2015. The song is promoted by a video produced by OneRedEye agency, shot at OneRedEye studios in London and directed by Ed Robinson, presenting a parody of glitzy cosmetics commercials, which is loosely based on the children’s paper game ‘Heads, Bodies & Tails’, where you end up with crazy combinations of outfits and body parts.
The Department is a new synthwave band, established in late 2012 in London, UK, with powerful songs and a penchant for classic electro and new-wave. The band is half British, half Swedish, a duo consisting of Rob Green & Magnus Lindström.
Rob Green, vocals and synth, is the British half from The Department, a singer, songwriter, producer and a Film & TV sound recordist from London, UK. The other half is Magnus Lindström on synth, originally from Gothenburg, Sweden. Inspired by classic electro and new wave, their ethos is about creating dramatic, instant, energetic electronic music with moving lyrics that explore life, love and existence.
Their debut album, “Alpha”, impresses for its maturity and great sound research. The songs reveal minimal electro bleeps, alluring bass lines, great studio effects and moody passages. It’s a real lust for the ears to discover this pure synthetic music carried by captivating vocals, a cool mix of good-old British electro-pop and the Swedish synth-pop school. The album is available for purchasing from Apple Store here: and from The Department official website here:

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