Deea Maxer – “Bahebak”

“Bahebak” is a 2015 single recorded by the Romanian artist Deea Maxer, composed and arranged by Dinu Maxer on a text written by Nicole (from Egypt). The video that promotes the single contains personal footage from Egypt and Dubai.
Deea Maxer is one of the most beautiful and talented singers from Romania, initially being part of the band “Ispita” founded in 2005 but subsequently they split up and Deea started a solo career.
Deea Maxer wows audiences with her beauty, but also with her musical talent. She proved to be a good dancer and a good singer as well. Supported by her husband, Dinu Maxer, she gained popularity in Romania and abroad having a lot of fans especially in the Arab world. Deea was noted by her sincerity and her way of being which makes her very popular.
Currently Deea Maxer is the initiator of a new musical and choreographic project for private parties and clubs that combines oriental music with moments of authentic oriental belly dance. For further information, click on the link below:

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To keep up with the fashionable world and to be up to date with the hottest trendy news, meet Deea Maxer as a vlogger by subscribing her YouTube vlog channel here:


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