Ghalib Ariana – “Qataghani”

“Qataghani” is a beautiful Afghan folk song mixed by Kayhan Studio with lyrics written by Baryalai Shekeb, Ghalib Ariana and Latif Mahmodi, available for digital downloading here. The song is promoted by a video directed by Ghalib Ariana and Latif Mahmodi.

Qataghani style songs were born in Qataghan Province and they are regional and folk musical traditions exemplified by the Pashto music.

Ghalib Ariana is an Afghan young artist established in Germany who proudly performs Afghan music and makes it known in western Europe, a true ambassador of traditional Afghan songs on the old continent.

For further information about Ghalib Ariana, his new musical releases, concerts and events he attends, follow him on Instagram ghalibariana and subscribe his YouTube channel here for more beautiful Afghan songs and videos, including his 2018 single & video, “Sabr”, a Khorshid-Studio Production release.


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