Wahid Bayar – “Bala Bala” / وحید بایار- بالا بالا

“Bala Bala” (“High Above”) is a 2015 dance-pop single by Wahid Bayar, the new revelation of young artists who brings a value and a quality new breeze into the Afghan music that he makes it known on the old continent. The song is written by Wahid Bayar, both music and Pashto lyrics, recorded under his own label of Bayar Production, in collaboration with EMO Music.

The single is available for downloading on:
Apple Store: https://goo.gl/srFYH1
Amazon: https://goo.gl/950qx4

Wahid Bayar is an Afghan-born singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer and music producer, presently based in Amsterdam, Holland, also the founder of Bayar Production, a company founded in 2007 with the intention of providing a wide range of services like production of songs, music, videos, commercials, movies, websites etc.:
http://www.bayarproductions.com/ .

After years of hard-working and commitment to bring the Afghan music to the international scene, Wahid Bayar, by his own performances and musical productions for other singers, managed to bring a touch of color on the international music scene. His own 2009 studio album, “Chera” as well as his following singles “Bala Bala”, “Sangsar”, “Dunya” or his international hit “With You” and collaborations with other artists such as Mozhdah Jamalzada, Tamana, Nafs, Vlad or Felipa Fernandez, are all a great gain for European musical scene.

For further information about Wahid Bayar, new musical projects, songs and purchases, access the links below:

Official Website: http://www.wahidbayar.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wahidbayarmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wahidbayar
Instagram: http://instagram.com/wahidbayar
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wahid-bayar
Apple Store: https://goo.gl/43z6mZ
Amazon: https://goo.gl/Kpor6o


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