Romero Ferro – “O Medo Em Movimento”

“O Medo Em Movimento” (“The Fear In Motion”) is the lead single by Romero Ferro, taken from his first studio album “Arsênico”, released in late September 2016, produced by Diogo Strauzs. The single is promoted by a video directed by André Brasileiro on a screenplay by Carol Silveira and Romero Ferro.
“Arsênico” is the first record of the singer and composer from Pernambuco, a state of Brazil, Romero Ferro, and has the 80s as the background. The album addresses to the duality between love and venom in the most diverse ways, showing how one is always present in the other. There are 10 new songs included, packed with poetry and social criticism, ready to provide you a solar and lysergic sound and a visual journey as well. This album succeeds the EP “Sangue e Som” (“Blood and Sound”), released in 2013, and continues the work built by Romero Ferro as a singer and composer of top hits included in contemporary Pop.

Romero Ferro’s album, “Arsênico”, is available for purchasing from:
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For further information about Romero Ferro, his songs, events and contact, follow the links below:


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