Cody Xeru – “ Here We Go” (Ajay B Mix Edit)

“ Here We Go” is the stunning debut single by the Australian recording artist Cody Xeru, brought to Europe thanks to Energise Records, a British independent record label specialized in uptempo dance covers and compilations of NRG/POP based releases. The single includes 9 mixes, UK Clublands & Dubsteps by Stormby, Lee Adams and Ajay B, and massive dance mixes, and it was physically and digitally released in early 2016.

Cody Xeru is a natural born performer whose love for singing, songwriting, acting in films, TV and theatre performances, along with performing in stand up and physical comedies started at an early age. His official debut single “Here We Go”, co-written with Nathan Eshman, is best described as an euphoric dance/pop exploration, reaching for your dreams and never giving up.

Ajay B, an urban-dancepop-R&B-bollywood-electronic music producer based in Sidney, Australia, comes with a Mix Edit of the song. Originally from Mumbai, Ajay B has been working on tracks for Australian and international artists and his works include film background scores, songs, remixes, radio jingles and TV commercials. He was a recipient of the prestigious PTC Punjabi Film Awards, Best Background Score – ‘MITTI’ (Bollywood):

“Here We Go”, the 2016 single by Cody Xeru is available for purchasing from:

Apple Store:
Energise Records:

For further information about Cody Xeru, his new musical releases, events and contact, follow him on:



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