Roby de la Timişoara – “Nevasta mea”

“Nevasta mea” (“My wife”) is an engaging Gypsy dancing song with influences from the music of the Gypsies belonging to the Pannonian region, “fehér bőrű cigányok” (“white gypsies”) called “gabori”, which is distinguished by both rhythm and lyrics , a musical style that differs from the popular “manele”, which have influences from the Balkan folklore music and from the Romanian old fiddlers’ music. The song, with Romanian lyrics written by Alina Ianc, is the newest record by Roby de la Timisoara, a 2017 Baluba Studio production, and is a lyrical ode to wife, without whom the identity model of traditional Gypsy culture can not be created: the family.

Covaci Robert, known under the pseudonym of Roby de la Timisoara, born on March 5, 1981, is one of the most beloved and appreciated soloists of Banat party music, ‘manele’ and dancing songs who describes himself as “a simple man, who has gone through the trials of life, who knows what is hard and who has not forgotten where he started from”. Through his modesty, his charisma, and his talent to sing a wide repertoire of beautiful songs, Roby de la Timisoara has become one of the favorite singers of all Gypsy music lovers from Banat and Transylvania. Musically modeled by the famous guitarist Bobi Barbu, nicknamed “The Dragon from Banat”, who had the patience to teach him the differences between the musical scales and what the musical bar means (he used to sing “by ear)”, discovered by Adriana Avramović, known as “Piranda from Timisoara”, supported by Loredana Jivcu, who trusted him enough to take him part in various events when he was not completely “polished” and currently supported by his girlfriend, Alina Ianc, who deals with his image, both as a manager and a lyricist, as well as his hard work that required sweat and practice, Roby de la Timisoara enjoys the support of thousands of fans who love and humble his songs, and thus, he started his artistic collaboration with Nicky Zarin Studio, one of the best organists in Banat.

For more information about Roby de la Timisoara, his new musical projects, events and contact, follow his official Facebook fanpage Roby de la Timisoara Pagina oficiala and subscribe his YouTube channel here.


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